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  1. CDC Report Finds Chlamydia Rates Increasing among Teen Girls

    A new CDC report has found that chlamydia infection increased by an average of 3.3% per year from 2005-2012 among females aged 15-19. In women aged 20-24 years, the rate of chlamydia has also demonstrated no sign of decline.

  2. New Estimates of the Health and Economic Burden of STIs Published

    Two studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and recently published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Diseases estimate the health and economic burden of sexually transmitted infections (STI) in the US.

  3. How Some Parents Could Learn Adult Daughters' Birth Control Habits

    The Affordable Care Act removes one of the big barriers to contraception for many young women: cost. But if young women don't feel confident that the care they will receive is confidential, they may not take advantage of it.

  4. Insurance Dependents Can Face Special Challenges on Privacy

    Under the Affordable Care Act, which allows adult children to stay on their parents’ plans until they reach age 26, breaches of privacy may become a growing problem.

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NCC Product Spotlight

Guide to Quality Improvement Using the Chlamydia Screening HEDIS Measure: Webinar Series

In collaboration with NCQA, the NCC has developed a three-part webinar series designed to provide participants with a guide to improve the quality of care and services using the chlamydia screening HEDIS measure.

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Twenty percent of untreated chlamydia infections lead to pelvic inflammatory disease.
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